WIND | Jewel Box

WIND |  Jewel Box, 2013 | 16cm x15cm x 20cm | Oil Painting and 24k Gold on  Wooden box

Handmade wooden jewelry box. Unique piece treated with Oil Paint and 24K GOLD.
“Wind” refers to soft winds coming  and indicating temperature changing near the end of summer and we are about to enter a new season, autumn.
ARTWORKS is the result of meticulous and delicate artwork , using materials of maximum quality and precious metals, 24KGOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER … Giving place to a collection of unique works.
All the works of Sonia G Caballero are unique and exclusive pieces, carefully made with materials of the highest quality and noble metals, Platinum, 24K Gold, Silver … Using techniques of fine Japanese art in fusion with European classics Traditional, giving his work a unique character.
All works of Sonia G Caballero have a Certificate of Authenticity belonging to one of its Seven Collections Signed, Sealed and Numbered.



Joyero de madera artesanal. Pieza única y exclusiva tratada con óleo , pan de oro y washi.
Su nombre, "Vientos", hace referencia a los suaves vientos que llegan y cambio de temperatura indicando que está cerca el final del verano y estamos a punto de entrar en una nueva estación, el otoño.
SPIRAL EXHIBITION-2014 | Tokyo Embassy of Spain