Fine Art  - Unique and exclusive pieces.
Japanese art and culture, combining visual techniques of Eastern and Western oil painting. In doing so, she has managed to develop a very original and quite distinctive style, both in painting and lacquer decoration, resultinf in  its own technique, the “Kourinhaku-oil".

Sonia G Caballero‘s compositions include bright colors combined with GOLD, PLATINUM ,SILVER    ,Copper and Aluminium, revealing  a strong influence of painters like Ogata Korin, Hokusai, Zeshin and Klimt being  featured among others.

In her portraits she seeks perfection with photographic image processing. Therefore the most important features are their high concentration of  naturalism together with the details.


   You can order portraits of larger sizes.

Process to commission portraits:
1- Choose between Golden Portraits or Color Portraits
2- Send me a picture that you want on the portrait art work.
3- To place an order, you have to pay 50% of the total price.
4- Before you receive the finished art work, you have to pay the remaining 50% of the total.
(If you wish you can receive images of how's your Custom)

Depending on the size and labor of the commissioned artwork, I need a minimum of two months to finalize.

  For prices or other art works or commission art contact:

manager  +81 80 4449 9887

If you have more questions, please contact me by mail, facebook or twitter . 

Thank you.