THE TREE OF WISHES - 2013 |  Jewel Box | 14cm x 27cm x 20cm | Oil Painting, 24k Gold, Silver and Copper.

It is initial sketch of THE TREE OF WISHES
The result of meticulous and delicate artwork, leading to a world of peace and connection with the essence and the innermost desires of each. This work has a great power that can clear the mind and the heart.
With its singular color harmonies and mysterious aura,”TREE OF WISHES” is a mixture of elements of Japanese culture,  “Kamishimo”, folds of white paper that hang from the neck of the trunk, symbolize something sacred and protection …

 See too DESEOS | 0.1cm x 8.0cm and  DESEOS | 0.1cm x 3.0cm, DESEOS are the fruit of THE TREE OF WISHES. DESEOS are small pieces of artwork like a jewel which come with wishes...


Joyero de madera de pino decorado con Oro de 24k , Plata , Cobre  y Oleo.
Boceto inicial de " El Arbol de los Deseos "
Ver También "DESEOS 10mm x 80mm" y "DESEOS" 10mm x 30mm. "Deseos" son frutos de "El Arbol de los deseos"