PINK GOLD CORAL - 2017 |20cm x 18cm x 30cm| 3D Coral and  24K GOLD

PINK GOLD CORAL is the result of meticulous and delicate artwork.

The CORAL COLLECTION  is a collection of artworks that bring the viewer to the world of treasures on the seabed and its wonderful creatures: a world unknown to most people.
I intended to create an awareness of caring for something wonderful and the unique creatures that hide in the sea, using a great variety of materials, such as precious metals such as Platinum, 24K Gold, Silver and oils to express their beautiful coloring.

It is a way of letting people know about the wonderful life under the sea with its treasures and our duty to preserve them.

Part of the money collected for the works of this collection is destined to projects of reforestation and conservation of marine flora.